The Art of Prioritization: How to Build Your Multi-Level Leadership Development Program
January 29, 2020 | 2:00 pm EST
Presented by: Verity Creedy, DDI's Director of Frontline Leader Services, and Scott Wolf, DDI's Consulting Manager

We all know the limits we’re up against: Time. Budget. Competition for leaders’ attention. At the same time, there’s a nearly limitless array of leadership development options to choose from.

The question for L&D professionals is how to optimize and prioritize your program to create the maximum impact within your limits. Join Verity Creedy and Scott Wolf as they discuss steps you can take to create a multi-level leadership development strategy in a consumable, yet significant way.   

Some of the hot topics and questions they’ll answer for you include:
  • What are specific ways to align the program to our business priorities?
  • How do I create a consistent culture across my organization? 
  • What do leaders really need or want?
  • What are practical ways to make “sustainability” real?
  • Can ROI really be measured?

P.S.: Ask additional questions by adding them into the registration form. If we don’t get to address all of them in the webinar, we can still find you an answer!
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